Bay Instruments have a range of portable test gear for to enable the calibration of most instruments in their installed location.

These include –

  • Temperature bath and hot block
  • A range of hand held pressure pumps and gauges.
  • Two battery powered portable flow rigs
  • PH buffers and conductivity standards
  • Oxygen calibration gas

The accuracy of a wide range of instrumentation can be verified and calibration certificates provided.


Temperature calibration needs to be routinely carried out in a number of applications for either auditing requirements or quality control. These include –

  •  Pasteurizers
  • Reactors
  • Critical process points
  • Timber drying kilns
  • Chillers and freezers

Our test gear is checked annually at an IANZ Accredited Calibration laboratory and

include a stirred Water Bath, Hot Block and portable digital indicators.


A range of digital pressure gauges and hand pumps enable calibration checks from 1 mbar absolute to 200 bar gauge pressure. Calibration checks carried out include –

  • Critical plant pressure indications
  • Static head level measurement
  • Pressure switch interlocks
  • Pressure gauges


We have two flow rigs which are battery powered and completely portable.

A micromotion CMF Elite 0.5 inch mass flow meter which is very accurate at flow

rates of 20 kg/hour to 6000 kg/hour

A 40mm mag flow for flow rates of 5000 to 20000 litres /hour

These rigs can be piped up in series with critical plant flow meters in place, and either

rates or flow totals verified. In applications like –

  • Batching additive flow meters
  • Plant inlet and outlet totalizers
  • Product blending
  • Fillers


The portable mass flow rig is also used to check calibration of weigh tanks and hoppers.


Calibration and maintenance is carried out on a wide range of analytic instrumentation

including –

  • PH meters
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • Flue gas analysers (Oxygen, SO2, CO, CO2)